Sunday, April 27, 2008

the government AND the people

The government. The people. The government. The people. The government AND the people. Given the behavior of the Chinese people as the Olympic torch makes its way through various foreign countries, I'm taking back my statement that it's not the Chinese people, it's the Chinese government. I hope to reinstate it some day soon.

"One World. One Dream. One China," as the slogan now goes. Given the rampant xenophobia coursing through China these days, how exactly are the Chinese going to manage to "welcome" all the foreigners who will be descending on their country for the Olympic Games?

Chinese students attack a South Korean man, in a brown jacket, who was protesting against Chinese government policy for Tibet and North Korean defectors, near the Olympic Park in Seoul. (AP Photo/ Lee Jin-man, courtesy of Phayul)

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Lisa said...

I imagine the reaction of the general populace to the tourist influx will be pretty heavily dictated, and enforced quietly and well. The whole plastic/commercial nature of the Olympics will serve as... not so much a cover as a dilution. Hannah Arendt's Banality of Evil played out again.